Our Creche


Our Crèche was created in 1992 to give local young mums the opportunity to exercise while their little ones could be looked after in a safe and caring environment without a huge cost to families.

Currently our crèche is on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings between 9.30 and 10.30.
Both of these sessions are suitable for Post natal mums as Sally and Maggie lead these classes.

The Crèche is Managed by Liz Tower and can accommodate up to 10 children from six weeks to 36 months of age.
All of our Crèche carers have a current paediatric first aid training certificate which is updated annually and a DBS which is continually updated.

Our Crèche costs are £50+ a session so around £6 each child. We appreciate that this is a fee that most people would not be able to pay so we only charge £2.50 a child and we take the loss.

We depend on your cooperation as a parent to make this work and ask you to:

1. Book and pay your £2.50 at least a week in advance.

2. Write your name and contact details,  your child's name in our Crèche diary each week and confirm you have paid.

3. If you are unable to attend a previously booked class, you let Crèche Manager Liz know before 8am on or before the day of your chosen class. This way we can advise any Carers that they will not be needed.

4. Arrive at least 15 minutes early before the class start time to settle your little one in the Crèche.

5. Please avoid bringing your child to Crèche if they are unwell.

6. If you child has had a diarrhoea or vomiting bug or both please keep away from crèche at least 48 hours after last event.

7. Please bring any drinks and food with child's name clearly labelled.

8. Make sure any information you have given us is updated if it changes please. 

The Family Fitness Crèche can give your little one the opportunity to interact with other small people learning how to play and share. Good preparation for there next steps into nursery care and pre school.